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E-telier offers homemade tools that can be used as a basis for your projects


L'E-telier's CMS, developed in-house from A to Z, allows you to realize all your ideas while remaining simple to use.
It allows multiple users to manage pages, images and extensions.

Using an in-house CMS offers many advantages, total freedom and a lower risk of piracy!

Choose a CMS

Single Page Application

A SPA allows complete navigation without page reloads.
The application then interacts with the server through a REST API.

This is perfect for web applications that must continue to function even with an absent or poor-quality Internet connection.

Systelecoms e-tracking

HTML5 2D engine

The 2D engine is based on HTML5 canvas technology, enabling the animation of numerous 2D layers even at 60 frames per second!

It's the ideal tool for your most dynamic 2D animation or video game projects!
It can also be used to create drawing applications or interactive diagrams.