Which CMS to choose?

A CMS (Content Management System) allows users to create and manage their website in a structured and simplified way.
It represents a common core on which content, design, and plugins will be grafted.

The choice of the CMS is therefore important,
it will define the way the website will work.

The public CMS


Wordpress is the most used CMS in the world. Currently so famouns that more than 40% of all websites use it!

  • largest community around the world
  • lots of templates and plugins

  • extension needed for multilingual


Behind Wordpress in terms of popularity, Joomla is nevertheless a very good opensource alternative.

  • integrated multilingual support
  • several options for users management

  • medium-sized support community


Often preferred by professionals, Drupal allows the management of a large amount of content.

  • ideal for handling a lot of content
  • built-in multilingual support

  • relatively complex implementation

The homemade CMS

E-telier logo black
The E-telier CMS has been developed for more than 10 years and is now at its 7th version.
It's lightweight, very easy to use, and it can be installed on any server equipped with standard PHP and a single MySQL database.

Advantages :
  • total control of the code, written from A to Z
  • less susceptible to hacking
  • original extensions possible
Included features :
  • easy multilingual support
  • advanced user management
  • image transformation

They chose to use the E-telier CMS for their website: